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RFID is defined as “Radio Frequency IDentification” is a way of identifying products through wireless communication protocol using Radio Waves. RFID based technologies enables various benefits and developments in applications ranging from supply chain management to weapon tracking and asset tracking to authentication of frequently counterfeited pharmaceuticals.

The capabilities of RFID technology range from the ability to identify the source of products, easy monitoring of times with expiration dates, prevention of counterfeit products in the supply chain, providing automated management of assets such as containers and production material and plays a vital role in providing more efficient baggage handling at airports. The benefits of RFID listed here are just a few and the technology is wide open to a lot many applications in diverse fields.

A typical RFID system consists of RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas and Middleware. RFID Tags are classified into Active, Passive and Battery Assisted Passive Tags. RFID technology brings various advantages over barcode such as: RFID tags does not need line of sight reading unlike barcode readers, multiple RFID tags on products can be written or read simultaneously. To understand and explore the numerous benefits of RFID technology over Barcode, please get in touch with us, our RFID Subject Matter Expert (SME) will get in touch with you.

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