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RFID is defined as “Radio Frequency IDentification” is a way of identifying products through wireless communication protocol using Radio Waves. RFID based technologies enables various benefits and developments in applications ranging from supply chain management to weapon tracking and asset tracking to authentication of frequently counterfeited pharmaceuticals.

The capabilities of RFID technology range from the ability to identify the source of products, easy monitoring of times with expiration dates, prevention of counterfeit products in the supply chain, providing automated management of assets such as containers and production material and plays a vital role in providing more efficient baggage handling at airports. The benefits of RFID listed here are just a few and the technology is wide open to a lot many applications in diverse fields.

A typical RFID system consists of RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas and Middleware. RFID Tags are classified into Active, Passive and Battery Assisted Passive Tags. RFID technology brings various advantages over barcode such as: RFID tags does not need line of sight reading unlike barcode readers, multiple RFID tags on products can be written or read simultaneously. To understand and explore the numerous benefits of RFID technology over Barcode, please get in touch with us, our RFID Subject Matter Expert (SME) will get in touch with you.

Who We Are

AQiS is a technology-based consulting company that focuses on emerging technologies ranging from the macroscopic classical world applications such as RFID, BLE, IoT to the miniature quantum devices. We advise and assist companies in the implementation of technologies that support them to make vital business decisions and advance their organizations. AQiS provides independent market research and business intelligence on path-breaking new technologies for companies following a holistic research methodology.

About AITechEx QIS (AQiS)

Mission & Vision

The mission of AITechEx QIS is to digitize your products and businesses with innovative solutions and be a trusted technology provider in the years to come. Through the process of digitization, we help companies to achieve growth and invest in customer experience and personalization and change the way they interact with customers. AITechEx QIS is committed to empower your businesses with emerging technologies to outperform in the global competitive landscape.

It is our responsibility to integrate your businesses with state-of-the-art cost-effective technology solutions to provide a compelling leverage to meet the growing needs of businesses in the globalizing world. Our vision is to continue to focus on bringing out innovative business solutions to help businesses achieve breakthrough performances through the smart use of technology.

RFID Consulting

AQiS Consulting, will give a detailed information to companies on how RFID can benefit their businesses. Our expert team of RFID Specialists will first visit the client site and plan for the entire RFID project. Based on the site survey, AITechEx QIS can provide a draft quote and plan your RFID project. Our assignment is to understand how RFID technology would fit into your business process and the components to be used for efficient implementation of the project.

Our Experts will conduct extensive tests on the RFID technology chosen for your business and give you a detailed report before embarking on to live demonstration at the project site. Our RFID project model consists of various stages which minimizes the risk on the client side in incorporating RFID into their businesses. Our model also ensures a smooth transition from an existing model to implementing RFID application in a compact manner and scale up as we go.

AITechEx QIS RFID Project implementation, includes
Engaging a Pilot Project

We recommend running a pilot project for few months to optimize your business processes and the data accuracy of each RFID read point

Site Inspection & Feasibility

This allows our expert team to visit your site and do a feasibility study of the project. You may request a free Site Survey/RFID project assessment by filling the ‘Contact’ form below.

Round the clock Support

Once the RFID system is installed and running, we offer a possibility to sign up for a 24/7 support agreement to ensure that the installed systems are performing at their best and our expert technical team will be at your disposal whenever required. Most of our clients prefer to be in the standard 8/5 support program.


After successfully running the pilot project, with your consent, we will implement the RFID project with full speed. Our expert team will be there to take care of each micro detail of the project and to integrate all necessary business applications the functionality of the RFID read points and the necessary training required for your staff.

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